Who profits from WestConnex?

These 94 companies have been contracted by the NSW Government. So far, their 180 contracts are worth $173,088,244.*


New South Wales law allows for information about a government contract be removed from public access once it is completed. It also gives the government 45 days from a contract “becoming effective” to publish a notice that it exists. It does not require public notice for contracts worth up to $150,000.

Because of these blockers this website does not currently list all contracts and contractors for WestConnex. It only shows information for contracts that have been availble to the public since early May 2015. Contracts that finished earlier, contracts worth less that $150,000, and contracts that have not had a public contract award notice are missing. This is far from the full picture.

Let’s change these laws to give citizens better information to participate in democratic decision making.

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